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What does Home ABA Data Manager do for me?

Home ABA Data Manager provides the following features

Why do I have to pay for Home ABA Data Manager?

You may or may not know that earlier versions of this software were downloadable at no charge. At that time, there was a requirement that the end-user (thats you!) needed to have a license to run MS Access. This was a severe restriction for most people. Home ABA Data Manager now comes packaged with all the required run time software. This packaging has two implications: 1) Due to the size, distribution is only really reasonable via CD and 2) The tools to enable this packaging had to be purchased from Microsoft. Thus there is direct cost for making it distributable in this manner.

What do I need to run this software?

The detailed system requirements can be found in the User Manual, but you should be able to run this software on any Windows 95/98/2000 computer. Any Pentium 133 MHz (or greater) computer should be fine. The MS Access run-time software will be automatically installed as required. You will need up to 160MB of free disk space depending on your configuration. A printer is highly recommended as you will want to build your program books from the various reports.

How to I order it?

You can order using a credit card via the internet here. If you do not feel comfortable using a credit card over the internet or your browser does not support 128bit encryption, then fill out an order form here. Print the order form and send it with a US dollar cheque (payable to Rob vanSpronssen) via regular mail to the following address:

Gumnut Enterprises
13045 61B Ave
Surrey, B.C.
Canada V3X-2G4

Last modifed 29-Mar-03